• Software Engineering Student Builds Chemistry App - Kavya Reddy built an application that helps students and budding chemists understand chemical reactions (Read more.[1])

  • Data Sciences Student uses course work to get her job after graduation - Christy Pearson needed a portfolio of her work for her job search (Read more[2].)

  • Tortillas for Tepeyac - Regis CCIS attended this community health services organization as a sponsor on May 10, 2019. CCIS student teams developed IT infrastructure improvement plans to help this organization more effectively deliver on its community service mission (Read more[3].)

  • Go Code Colorado - Regis CCIS students made it to the finals of this competition! (Read more.[4])

  • Student Teams help Climax Jerky improve their IT Infrastructure (Read more[5].)


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Reaction master is a software solution that instruct high school students on the concepts of chemical reactions. This application was developed in three phases: In 1st phase, unprepared students are treated as end users and they are provided with an option to refer to the periodic table. In 2nd phase unprepared users can utilize an option called practice where they can practice various types of equations without a time limit. In 3rd phase, prepared end users are allowed to take a test of their desired type of equation within a time limit and can view their score for the test. There is also a speech recognition option provided.

The application was created using PHP, CSS and, JavaScript.


Here's Christy's story....

When I was applying for data science jobs after graduation, I had a couple of employers ask if they could see samples of my program. Since I was a new graduate, I really didn’t have professional samples of my work, but I did have an extensive portfolio of projects from my Regis classes. I was able to submit several examples of my work and I was told that is what set me apart in the interview process.


Clinica Tepeyac is a clinic located in Denver near 50th Avenue and Lincoln Street. Clinica Tepeyac’s mission is to provide culturally competent health care and preventative health services for the medically underserved.

Clinica Tepeyac’s current IT infrastructure was inadequate for their rapid growth needs. The clinic was experiencing customer service issues as well as frustrations due to lack of resources. Regis graduate students studying Information Technology Management, Information Assurance, Systems

Engineering, Software Engineering, and Data Sciences met with the clinic’s administration.

Acting as an outside IT consulting company, the capstone team researched current processes and capabilities and recommended priorities and procedures, as well as additional resources for making the clinic’s infrastructure more robust and capable of handling their immediate growth needs.

"Thanks to the capstone team, Clinica Tepeyac has already adopted some of the recommendations and was able to better create an IT strategic plan moving forward. Due to

Clinica Tepeyac’s limited financial resources, the clinic never would have been able to hire a consulting firm to provide the vital input that the capstone team was able to provide. Clinca Tepeyac will forever be grateful." ‑‑ Matt Dyer, Chief Financial Officer for Clinica Tepeyac


A Regis University CC&IS Data Science team collaborated with the Colorado Democratic Party to compete in the Business Analytics track of the competition. The Regis University team is combining demographic and voter registration data to assist politically minded business decision makers seeking to identify and reach voters, volunteers, and donors by understanding the racial and ethnic makeup of a given geographic location.

The Regis University team is pleased to announce they are a finalist in the competition and have until May 20 to finalize their analysis before presenting their work at the awards event on May 30.


Climax Jerky is a Colorado company established in 1999. They offer distinct gourmet jerky via physical stores in Colorado, kiosk locations at Denver International Airport, and online.

The growth the company has been experiencing has taxed the capacity of their IT infrastructure and the owners needed help in address issues related to inventory, operations and performance management in order to make their growth smoother and more productive. Regis graduate students studying Information Technology Management, Information Assurance, Systems

Engineering, Software Engineering and Data Sciences engaged with the owners of Climax Jerky for their capstone project. Acting as an outside IT consulting company, the capstone team researched several alternative approaches for improving Climax Jerky's IT infrastructure, presented solutions to the owners; as well as, implementation plans allowing them to make progress as time and funding allow.

During the eight‑week term, the students and teams are actively engaged with the client on a weekly basis exploring current processes and operations and well as resources and

priorities for the organization. They also met with vendors to discuss alternative solutions and implementation plans that would be appropriate for the client.

Brooke Comai, Founder ‑ Climax Jerky